Mr Micks Cellar Door and Kitchen (SATC/Adam Bruzzone)

08 June 2022

What to do in Winter in Burra and the Goyder Region

Hit the road and discover big skies, rolling green hills and the red outback in Burra and throughout our stunning Goyder region.

17 September 2020

Open Restaurants, Cafes and Attractions in the Clare Valley

Opening hours for businesses in the Clare Valley can be found here, all in one convenient spot!

17 September 2020

Cellar Doors in the Clare Valley

Visit one of our Cellar Doors for a tasting experience in the Clare Valley.

31 July 2022

Ultimate Guide to Clare Valley Wineries with Platters

You've eaten a big breakfast and are booked into one of our exquisite restaurants for dinner so there'll be no long lunching today, how about a platter instead?

15 June 2022

Caravan & Camping Clare Valley

Switch off your phones, disconnect from everyday reality and get ready for a weekend of reconnecting with nature.

07 June 2022

Cellar Doors with Fires

On a winter's day, you'll probably want to snuggle up on the couch. We've got a much better idea - explore the Cellar Doors of the Clare valley with wicked red wine and fires!

01 June 2022

Top 10 Things to do in Winter around the Clare Valley region

Red wines, cosy winter fires, crisp winter air and more! Discover the top winter fun activities around the Clare Valley region.

04 April 2022

Clare Valley Silo Art Trail

It’s been just over 7 years since the first Silo was painted in Australia, all the way over in the west. Since then, the phenomenon has grown to 51 silos painted across the country with three within the Clare Valley.

30 March 2022

Everybody’s swooning over Mr Nobody

Just when you thought nobody regards fortified wines with enough love, Mr Nobody arrives to prove us wrong with a seductive new cellar door offering in the centre of Auburn.

30 March 2022

Short walks, clean air a natural remedy

Imagine breathing in clean, fresh air, listening to birds and hearing the soft rustle of wind through the trees, feeling the sun on your face – they are experiences we have been yearning for during the past, particularly difficult, 18 months.

30 March 2022

Slice of paradise, Hughes Park Homestead

In a quintessentially Australian bush farm setting, surrounded by rolling hills and huge gums, stands the majestic Hughes Park homestead.

30 March 2022

Mitchells embrace generation next

Conventional thinking in the wine business says generational family wineries are best placed to clearly see long term goals.

07 March 2022

Top ten things to do in the Clare Valley during Autumn

Autumn in the Clare Valley is our favourite time.

18 February 2022

A Guide to Walking the Clare Valley

After being restricted on where we could go and what we could do for the last few years, or even if we could leave the house – an escape to the Clare Valley to stretch your legs and take a hike is well overdue.

31 January 2022

Pet-Friendly Cellar Doors and Eateries Clare Valley

A trip to the Clare Valley is for the whole family, even the ones with four legs. Don’t leave them at home, take them with you on a memory-making adventure to a world-class wine region.

31 January 2022

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in the Clare Valley

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, what have you got planned to celebrate your special someone?

21 November 2021

Top ten things to do in the Clare Valley during Summer

We get it, Summer can be hot! But don’t let that stop you from exploring the Clare Valley! We’ve taken the guesswork out for you and asked the people who live through it every year (the locals, that is) how they keep their cool throughout the warmer months.  So, grab your sunglasses, pack the sunscreen and hit the road!

15 November 2021

Christmas and New Years Opening Hours

Just like that the holidays are over. We hope that you enjoyed a safe and relaxing time. We will again be updating this page for the 2022 Christmas and New Year Trading Hours, usually published at the end of November.

20 September 2021

Clare, voted SA’s Top Tourism Town

We love you right back South Australia! Clare has been announced as 'Voters Choice' in South Australia's Top Tourism Town Awards, and it’s all thanks to you.

02 September 2021

Top ten things to do during Spring in the Clare Valley

The Clare Valley is gorgeous in Spring, canola fields dotting the roads, the seasons first buds on the vines and of course the fresh new vintage rieslings!

23 August 2021

Clare Valley Canola Hotspots

Each year in Spring, the Clare Valley turns into a golden patchwork like no other. Canola season is over for 2021. Pop back here next year for a list of 2022 Canola Hot Spots in the Clare Valley

29 July 2021

Meet the People of the Clare Valley

Meet the People of the Clare Valley, brought to you by one of our locals, Annabelle Homer.

23 July 2021

Best Outdoor Activities in the Clare Valley

There is a plethora of Outdoor Activities you can do in the Clare Valley, it’s not all about the wine and food (although that is excellent).

06 July 2021

The Best Scenic Drives around the Clare Valley

Learn how to spend a day exploring the scenic backroads of the Clare Valley.

30 June 2021

Best Foodie Experiences in the Clare Valley

The Clare Valley isn't all about wine, uncover the best foodies experience across the region!

21 June 2021

3 Days in the Clare Valley

Discover how to spend a 3 day long weekend in the Clare Valley and Burra.

10 June 2021

How to do the Riesling Trail in the Clare Valley

Okay. You’re keen to taste a little fresh country air, soak in some scenery - and hey, maybe even a little vino while you’re at it…

29 April 2021

All Smiles as Valley Reaps Rewards of a Promising Vintage

A kind summer with perfect ripening conditions has Clare Valley winemakers brimming with confidence about the 2021 vintage.

29 April 2021

Make the Move to a Grown-ups Playground

Nothing could be more idyllic – vineyard-covered landscapes, rolling golden hills, historic towns with thriving communities - we are more than just a holiday destination, we are somewhere people can live and thrive.

13 February 2021

Summer Lovin in Goyder

Summer Lovin had us a blast in the Goyder Region! Move over Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta, these 6 iconic activities are sure to make your trip one to remember.

18 January 2021

Explore the Indigenous Arts in the Clare Valley

Explore the Indigenous Arts of the Clare Valley at two unique galleries/cultural centres.

09 January 2021

Clare Valley Conservation Parks

After being stuck indoors during 2020, 2021 is the year to get out and explore! What better way to do so than in some of South Australia's incredible conservation parks?

18 December 2020

A Teenager’s Guide to the Clare Valley

Looking for ideas on how to spend a day out in the wonderful Clare Valley? Here is a list of things to explore that are great for all ages, including teens. Read on to find out more.

20 November 2020

Quirky Clare Valley Accommodation

Uncover luxury with a difference in the Clare Valley. Looking for somewhere different to stay? Here's a list to get you started.

24 September 2020

History of Clare

Clare was settled by the first European Settlers in 1840. If you're interested in learning more about the history of Clare, read on.

16 September 2020

Op Shops in the Clare Valley

If you love a good bargain, you'll love the Clare Valley Op Shop Trail! Opening hours and locations of all the op shops in our region can be found here.

14 September 2020

Pet-Friendly Accommodation

A trip to the Clare Valley is for the whole family, even the ones with four legs. Here are the pet-friendly accommodation options in the region, subject to availability.

11 September 2020

Things to do in the Clare Valley that you don’t need to book

We're very busy in the Clare Valley at the moment, with lots of accommodation, restaurants and cellar doors booking out. If you can't get a booking, there's still plenty to do! Here are a few suggestions for your stay.

10 September 2020

Festival of the Lamb

The inaugural Clare Valley Festival of the Lamb is happening from 16 to 22 September and is gaining great local, regional and state-wide interest with some venues close to capacity.  

31 August 2020

Where to grab dinner on a Monday night

Visitors to the Clare Valley often ask us what is open, expecting there probably wouldn’t be too much, that is definitely not the case. Take a look at our list, it might just surprise you!

28 August 2020

Picnicking with kids in the Clare Valley

So you got young kids like me and you’re in the Clare Valley, you don’t want to to go to a restaurant and cellar doors are great for you, but sometimes talking about great Riesling at the cellar doors with a 3-year-old hanging off your leg saying “swing me Daddy!” takes the shine off it. Here’s a suggestion...

26 August 2020

Interesting Cemeteries: Clare to Penwortham

How many cemeteries do you think are located between Clare and Penwortham, a distance stretching only 16km? The answer might surprise you!

21 August 2020

A family bike ride: Clare to Sevenhill on the Riesling Trail

As a grandmother, we have done the section of the Riesling Trail to Sevenhill a few times with our family, with grandchildren ranging in age from one to 5 years old. It is a short trek and enjoyable for all ages. Here is my guide, I hope you enjoy it!

05 August 2020

Spring Garden Festivals 2020 (yes, plural)

Gear up for not one, but two Garden Festivals in the Clare Valley on the third weekend of October 2020!

17 June 2020

Your Ultimate Guide to Clare Valley by SA Weekend Escapes

Clare Valley is steeped with substance, history and authenticity and takes visitors on a road less travelled, here's SA Weekend Escapes Ultimate Guide to our region!

12 June 2020

Clare Community Project

Inspired by the Clare Valley community’s "Glass Half Full” approach to Covid-19, local photographer, Kirstie McConnell, established a community photo project to celebrate the local businesses that have found positives during this challenging time.

19 May 2020

Playgrounds in the Clare Valley

Kids can do cellar doors and eateries, but you got to be fair on the little squirts and give them some playtime.

11 May 2020

A guide to Cycling in the Clare Valley

The Clare Valley is a cyclists haven, with plenty of trails to ride including the famous Riesling Trail, and the Clare Classic cycling event held in April.

25 March 2020

Get your Clare Valley retail fix from home

Support your local businesses from the comfort of your home by shopping online - it's a win-win!

30 January 2020

Arts and Cultural Activities in Blyth

Only a short 10-minute drive from the township of Clare, you will find yourself in Blyth, a charming agricultural town with so much to offer. Blyth is a cultural melting pot, and a short walk around the block is all you need to uncover this for yourself!

03 January 2020

How to enjoy Spring Gully Conservation Park

Spring Gully Conservation Park is a beautiful park 8kms south of Clare along the Spring Gully scenic drive. From the Clare Valley Wine, Food and Tourism Centre turn left out of the carpark and keep driving.

30 December 2019

Getting back on the bike

There are wine tours and then there’s the Riesling Trail. Originally part of the Adelaide to Spalding railway line, the Riesling Trail is a 33-kilometre corridor between Auburn and Stanley Flat that allows you to wind your way through the picturesque Clare Valley on bike or by foot.

30 December 2019

Sleep Under the Stars in Comfort

Glamping is the ultimate way to experience nature in luxurious comfort. A million miles from the rough and ready crowded family tent of your childhood, glamping allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of city life; re-connect with nature and spend quality time with loved ones. 

24 December 2019

Family Friendly Wineries with a Restaurant in the Clare Valley

Taking the kids up to the Clare Valley? Don’t think they’ll get bored going from one winery to another, plenty of them have heaps for the kids to enjoy, and even some with a restaurant!

01 March 2019

Family love leads to wine brand

Marnie Roberts promised her grandmother, Alice, that she would make her a wine to celebrate her 100th birthday, and with that pledge the Matriarch and Rogue wine company was born.