Welcome to the Clare Valley

Clare Valley Wine and Wilderness Trail, Tourism Australia

Our region is for those who seek substance and authenticity, taking the road less travelled and enjoy taking a moment to appreciate what life has to offer.

Welcome to the Clare Valley. Discover a place where time slows down, and you can immerse yourself in a world of exceptional wines, rich history, and breathtaking landscapes. Whether you seek an escape from the daily grind or a chance to reconnect with nature and loved ones, Clare Valley promises an experience that is authentically Australian and undeniably memorable. Come, breathe it all in and treasure moments that will stay with you forever.

Clare Valley – Breathe it in

Relax, unwind, soak it up and 'Breathe It In' in the Clare Valley.

Amidst the hushed tranquillity of the Clare Valley, feel the gentle breeze whisper secrets of the past as you explore charming towns that echo with stories of pioneers and dreamers. Indulge in hearty feasts, share laughter, and let the melodies of this quintessential Australian landscape inspire your every step. Through its tapestry of vineyards, rolling hills and panoramic vistas, the Clare Valley beckons you to lay down your worries, breathe in the beauty, and treasure the now.

Clare Valley – Breathe it in


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Relax, unwind and soak up the good life.