Make the Move to a Grown-ups Playground

Nothing could be more idyllic – vineyard-covered landscapes, rolling golden hills, historic towns with thriving communities - we are more than just a holiday destination, we are somewhere people can live and thrive.

With plenty of options, from land to established homes, the Clare & Gilbert Valleys are a great choice for those wanting to make the move to a fulfilling regional lifestyle.

We are not ashamed to say we have some of the best vineyards and wines in the world nestled into our friendly and boutique villages, where meeting the winemaker is part of our every day.

Watervale B&B owner, Lynn Wallace, and her husband Ian, made the move from Port Pirie because the Clare Valley was the perfect location for them to bridge the distance between their friends and adult children without compromising their country lifestyle.

A clincher for the couple was when they visited a local winery and were told: “Clare is a grown-up’s playground – so many things to do”.

“This really resonated with us,” said Lynn.

“We love the space, we love the winters and beautiful summers – it’s a really relaxed lifestyle with plenty for us to do and only an hour-and-a-half away from Adelaide.”

It’s not just the beauty of place but also the wealth of history and heritage which fascinates us and of which we are proud.

It’s a rural lifestyle without the isolation or lack of services. There are hospitals, medical practices, dental surgeries and pharmacies; plenty of schooling options from childcare and kindergarten to primary and high schools and a myriad of activities to keep kids healthy and active.

Schooling is a feature, with two high schools located in Clare and Riverton. Clare High is undergoing a $5m site upgrade that will boast a new science, technology, engineering and mathematics learning space. There are three public and private primary school options in Clare as well as a number of fantastic schools within our smaller townships.

Although wine is a feature of our landscape, so are the many wonderful walking and cycling trails which are here to explore.

The world-famous Riesling Trail meets up with the Rattler Trail to the south and they are part of an exciting trails and short walks network.

There is an abundance of great food, from small intimate cafes to world-class restaurants and friendly country pubs.

The Clare & Gilbert Valleys offer residents and visitors all the services you’d expect to have in any city as well as the chance to get involved in local activities through a range of clubs and community organisations.

We have an enviable lifestyle which has unlimited opportunities for new business investment. The region is a great base for businesses and staff, with great connectivity through the National Broadband Network. Its excellent digital and road connectivity provides the perfect place for those who want to work remotely.

We have plenty of stories to share of visitors coming to stay for a weekend and coming back to settle and live in our communities.

And once you make the move here, there is so much to explore it would take a lifetime to take it all in.


Written by Nan Berrett as part of The Valley Magazine and republished with permission from the Plains Producer.

The full magazine is available to read online here.