Arts and Culture in Blyth

Only a short 10-minute drive from the township of Clare, you will find yourself in Blyth, a charming agricultural town with so much to offer. Blyth is a cultural melting pot, and a short walk around the block is all you need to uncover this for yourself.

Medika Gallery

Located in an old church, Medika Gallery is the pride and joy of local artist Ian Roberts, who has lived in the region almost all his life. He takes inspiration from native Australian flora and fauna to create beautiful images and scenes. Currently, he is undertaking a personal project, to paint with watercolour every species of eucalypt in Australia (more than 5000 species) and has currently completed more than 2500! You can also visit his studio, with visitors encouraged to go in and have a look at the place where all of this incredible work is created.

Blyth Cinema

Just across the road from Medika Gallery is the community-run Blyth Cinema. With a full candy bar and the latest-release movies, there’s no need to go anywhere else for a movie-date. The cinema can seat 105 people, and movies screen every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights, with matinees in School holidays & other days. The cinema can cater for private functions and group bookings, where you can negotiate the time, date and movie you’d like to see! Tickets are just $12 for adult, $10 for concession and $8 for children – great value for everyone.

Farming; A Way of Life - A Common Thread

A short stroll from the Galleries, why not immerse yourself in the local farming history at a unique display of Blyth at Padnaindi Reserve. 16 panels have been laser-cut to create a silhouette story, with the images selected from Blyth family collections 0a true representation of Blyth’s history. 3 mosaics have been created and are on display, created by the school children of the local area. You can view an interpretive display of the project which has been installed in the new picnic shed at the same location. A very creative and engaging way of displaying the towns farming history for you to enjoy.

Why not grab a bite to eat from the Blyth Café & have a picnic in the shed and reflect on all you’ve experienced in Blyth before continuing your day exploring the region!

The Clare Valley is home to a vast array of local artists, creators, galleries and exhibitions.
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