Exploring our Short Walks

The Clare Valley is best known for its food, wine and cycling along the Riesling Trail. What it’s not as well known for is that it is located at the crossroads of many of South Australia’s best trails including the Mawson, Heysen, Riesling, Rattler and Lavender Federation trails.

. The length of these trails encompasses some of the best scenery in the State from verdant fields, spectacular coastlines, mountain ranges and desert landscapes. With that being said, they’re very long, too long for a normal someone like myself! So, where are the best bits? The Clare Valley has helped you out with the development of the Clare Valley Short Walks, ranging from a short 40 minutes to a half day walk. There are six Short Walks for you to choose from which provide a touch of what makes this region truly special.

The six Short Walks are:

Riesling Trail – Clare to Sevenhill

Rattler Trail – Riverton to Rhynie

The Cascades – Spring Gully Conservation Park

Mintaro to Martindale Hall

Neagles Rock Lookout

Watervale to Mount Horrocks

My personal favourite is the Watervale to Mt Horrocks walk which shows off the quintessential Clare Valley countryside and ends with some great food and wine options. Starting at a shelter along the Riesling Trail in Watervale, the Short Walk crosses by the picturesque town before heading towards Mt Horrocks. The walk takes you through lush vineyards before starting to ascend towards the range in which Mt Horrocks is located. Although you don’t summit the mount itself, the Short Walk follows the Lavender Federation Trail, taking you up to a ridgeline providing one of the most spectacular panoramas of the region with views down to the Barossa, north to the higher ranges of the Mid North and towards Gulf St Vincent. It truly is breathtaking and provides an aspect of the hilly landscape for which the region perhaps is not as well known. A unique piece of history is the story that Ned Kelly and his gang actually hid in a nearby hut during a period when they disappeared from Victoria back in the day! Confirmed or not? Check out the story on the Lavender Federation Trail’s website.

After taking in the view, descend back to Watervale which has two of the best dining options going around with the recently renovated Watervale Hotel and the Watervale General Store, a great place to put those feet up and breathe it all in.

When you visit the Clare Valley next, make sure to include a Short Walk in your itinerary. More information on each walk is available on the Clare Valley website, including downloadable maps.


Written by Andrew Christiansen

Walk through the historic township into the rural countryside as you make your way to the Mount Horrocks lookout to enjoy the spectacular 360-degree views.
Explore the scenic landscapes, enchanting scrublands, tranquil creeks and peaceful settings of Clare Valley’s parks and lookout spots. Throw a picnic rug under a tree, lie back and enjoy the setting.