Arts & Culture

The Clare Valley is home to a vast array of local artists, creators, galleries and exhibitions.

Many artists have been inspired by the natural beauty, colours and authenticity of the region and this is reflected in their works.

All year round, you will find the unique work of local artists and craftspeople displayed in galleries, restaurants, wineries and pubs throughout the region.

Musicians and performers also enliven public spaces and entrance audiences during the region’s festivals and events.

Download the Clare Valley Art Trail below in the VAPAA information.

Breathe it in

The Mid North Visual and Performing Arts Association (VAPAA) supports a vibrant arts community in the Clare Valley and surrounding towns. The visual arts - artists, galleries and exhibitions - plus the performing arts including shows and special events plus other arts such as cinema and literature are all happening in this region.  Visit the VAPAA website for details of what’s happening right now.     

HATs is a not for profit volunteer arts event organisation dedicated to fostering , preserving and developing the heritage arts and living cultural traditions of our diverse Australian communities. They do this through music, song, dance, the spoken word, puppetry and theatre performances at the Courthouse Cultural Centre located  at 4 St Vincent Street in Auburn. For a listing of what performances are happening visit or contact them via email or phone 8849 2420.

Local Art Galleries

Art @ Auburn (Arts Collective Clare Valley) is a collective of up to 20 permanent artists from South Australia who work together.
Come to the Goyder Region, just next door to Clare Valley, and visit the heritage mining town of Burra.
Clare Valley Art Gallery has an extensive range of contemporary Utopian Indigenous Art, with regular visiting artists plus a great selection of gifts.

Art At Auburn (Arts Collective Clare Valley)

0497 179 782
8 Mill Street Clare 5453

Bon Accord Mine Complex

1300 775 540
Railway Terrace Burra 5417

Burra Regional Art Gallery

8892 2411
5-6 Market St Burra Burra 5417

Clare Valley Art Gallery

0427 805 644
28 Horrocks Highway Clare 5453

Dingo Dreaming

0477 786 727
18 Harley Street Blyth 5462

Farming; A Way Of Life - A Common Thread

8844 5175
Padnaindi Reserve, South Terrace, Blyth South Australia South Terrace Blyth 5462

John Horrocks Cottage

0427 051 881
Main North Road Penwortham 5453

Medika Gallery

8844 5175
16 Moore Street Blyth 5462

Polish Hill River Church Museum

8336 1601
225B Polish Hill Road Building Polish Hill River 5453

Unique Natives at Medika

0498 763 434
16 Moore Street Blyth 5462