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There are a number of tour operators throughout the Clare Valley.

There's nothing like exploring a region with a local, so take the hassle out of exploring the best of the Clare Valley by utilising the services of an experienced local tour operator. Local operators offer tours ranging from half-day to a week, based around a fixed or personalised itinerary, with a vehicle to suit your needs, whether it is a large bus, minibus or 4WD.

Special interest tours are available, focusing on wine and food, heritage, nature, art, aboriginal history and culture, as well as transfer services if required.

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Clare Valley Experiences

8842 1880
29 Hope Street Clare 5453

Clare Valley Taxi

35 Main North Road Clare 5453

Clare Valley Tours

0418 832 812
23 Lookout Rd, PO Box 102 Clare 5453

Eldredge Vineyards - Wine Education with Leigh Eldredge

8842 3086
659 Spring Gully Road, Spring Gully 5453

Intimate Tasting Experience with the Winemaker - Sussex Squire Wines

0458 141 169
293 Spring Gully Road Gillentown 5453

Jim Barry Wines - Four Seasons in the Armagh Vineyard

8842 2261
33 Craig Hill Road Clare 5453

Kilikanoon Wines

8843 4206
30 Penna Lane Penwortham 5453

Knappstein Wines

8841 2100
2 Pioneer Avenue Clare 5453

The Revelation Experience

8843 4206
30 Penna Lane Penwortham 5453

Tim Adams Single Vineyard Wine and Cheese Tasting

8842 2429
156 Warenda Road Clare 5453

Wine by Cycle

8843 4206
30 Penna Lane Penwortham 5453