Marek Herburt - Open Studio

Marek Herburt - Open Studio

Marek Herburt, Ania Herburt

Artist Demonstration, Open Studio, Exhibition

Marek Herburt - My latest body of work demonstrates a deep fascination with the Australian bush and desert landscape. The complexity and variety of plant life intermixed with the vibrancy of colours is an ideal opportunity for me to apply an observation technique to the beauty of colours in nature. Despite overwhelming desolation in some rural areas, the landscape evokes a deep feeling of energy, life and beauty.

My paintings are the result of three factors: what I see in nature, what I know about colours in nature, and what works best for the unique depiction of the beauty of the landscape in every painting. The ‘air perspective’ in my paintings, which exists in nature, is a result of observation of this beauty in the landscape. The warm colours in the first plan and colder colours in remount parts of landscape create a perception of space and distance. Observation of the variety of colours and beauty in nature is my great passion and underlies my desire for painting.

Ania Herburt - A stunning display of painting on glass and a new collection of textiles using the felting process.