Umbria Rustic Italian – the Clare Valley’s own slice of Italy

Wanting to go to Italy but can’t because of COVID restrictions? Take a trip up to the Clare Valley and dine at Umbria Rustic Italian, recognised as an authentic Italian Eatery from the Italian Consulate in Adelaide.

Edoardo Strappa became a fully qualified chef in 1994 in one of Italy’s most famous hospitality schools, the Berhiero School of Spoleto. After many work experiences around Italy, Edoardo discovered the aeroplane, and started to work in countries such as France, Greece, Germany and England before he pushed himself a little further and landed in America, where he gained experience in internationally recognised restaurants.

In 2004, Edoardo was called to Sydney to lead the opening of a brand-new restaurant from scratch, really enjoying the opportunity (in particular, the first month when his duties were mainly dining out to discover the food scene in Sydney). After a couple of years, Edoardo decided to leave the big city and escape to South Australia where he fell in love with the produce, wine and people. He worked in a few restaurants before taking the plunge and opening his first restaurant ‘Pinocchio,’ which according to fellow SA Italians was the first real traditional Italian in the state.

‘Pinocchio’ was a great experience for Edoardo making many friends, but above all others he met the love of his life, Luana. When they had their first child Gabriel Markley S., they decided to gift him with a precious thing, the freedom and safety of the countryside. They visited many places until they were captured by the hidden gem of the Clare Valley and all her beauties, and what they considered the best wines in the country.

It did not take them long to call this region their home and opened their new restaurant ‘Umbria Rustic Italian,’ a very successful venue who can count on great love and support from the local community, wineries and the regions visitors. At Umbria Rustic Italian, you can find authentic regional Italian food with everything being made from scratch – packet pasta is frowned upon and prohibited at this restaurant. Pizza is a new addition to the menu but has been very popular, along with Italian street-food as a lighter alternative for lunches and gelato! Edoardo says that him and his wife work very hard with huge help from Valeria who was brave enough to follow them into the country.

Umbria Rustic Italian is open for lunch and dinner Tuesday-Saturday. Bookings are recommended.


Article provided by Edoardo Strappa and originally published by the Consulate of Italy in Adelaide for the IV Week of Italian Cuisine in the World online program 18-24 November 2019 and adapted with permission for use on this site.

umbria rustic italian restaurant is the only Italian restaurant in Clare Valley providing traditional Italian food from the centre of Italy, focused on local produce.
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