Three Days in the Goyder Region

Lose yourself in one of the most historic places in South Australia! Filled with rich heritage, the Goyder Region is a place where you can truly 'Breathe It In'

Burra is known for its rich history and heritage, which gives no argument as to why it has its own Heritage Listing. Our town is known as an echo of the yesteryear, filled with antique shops and heritage buildings. An old mining town ranging back to the 1840s, Burra is full of old legacy and interest for the keen record adventurer.

Spread your visit out over a weekend and treat yourself to a stay in any one of our cottages or homesteads. With over 20 to choose from, you are definitely spoiled for choice and guaranteed to find one that perfectly suits you!

For more information, head to or contact the Burra and Goyder Visitor Information Centre via phone: 08 8892 2154 or email:

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Day Planner

Start the day on the right foot and head into one of our antique cafes that offer a range of foods and great coffee! St Just and Gaslight are our top picks if you want a satisfying breakfast to get you through a big day of seeing the sites!

Spend the day unlocking the secrets of Burra’s Heritage Passport. This pass provides first-class access to the townships most important and intriguing sites, including the Monster Mine, Redruth Gaol, Unicorn Brewery Cellars, plus many more! With 2 museums and 9 sites in total, you are guaranteed to be astounded by the history that is withheld in the town of Burra.

Break up your day with a visit to our local shops and antiques, and be sure to check out the Burra Town Hall and Burra Regional Art Gallery as well! If you are looking for something nostalgic or even a walk through the park, you will not be disappointed!

When it comes time for dinner, Burra are hosts to a range of cuisines including Italian, Indonesian and just your classic pub meals. The Black Sheep (La Pecora Nera) are an authentic Italian restaurant offering a range of pizza and pasta options. You may also be interested in heading to Jumbucks, who offer meals using locally sourced food accompanied by local wines.

Up North is photographer’s heaven, with the Midnight Oil House situated 5km out of town on your way to Hallett. Be sure to stop here to see the famous house in the flesh and snap a photo or two.

Follow the history and head out to the Sir Hubert Wilkins Homestead. This is a perfect spot for a picnic lunch. Be sure to head (or more so climb) to the top of Mt Bryan at Bishop’s Rest where you will find the iconic stone chair that overlooks the region and area that is Mt Bryan.

If you prefer a good drive, the Dare’s Hill Circuit is the trip for you! Continue on from the track that the homestead sits, and bush bash your way to Dare’s Hill Summit that circles up to Terowie before heading down Barrier Highway back to Burra.

For those who enjoy a good walk then the Red Banks Conservation Park could be for you. This landscape of change displays the wild fauna and fossils from long ago, including the Burra famous Diprotodon (giant wombat).

There are many walks and photo opportunities around this beautiful Conservation Park, so be sure to pack your good walking shoes and a camera!

Bring a picnic and enjoy your lunch surrounded by the natural wildlife within the Park.

Learn all about the Diprotodon, a huge marsupial that lived around Red Banks approximately 65 000 years again and weighed up to two tonnes! Palaeontologists have called this area one of the richest megafauna sites in Australia. Learn what the landscape was like when these large marsupials were alive before making your way back home.