Stockport is a small town 73 kilometres north of Adelaide and 15 kilometres south of Tarlee. On the southern boundary of the Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council area, it is the heart of a small farming community.

Stockport was laid out in 1845 by Samuel Stocks junior, naming it for his birthplace, Stockport in Cheshire, England. Stockport was a stop on the Peterborough railway line which opened past Stockport in 1869, connecting it to Adelaide. The line closed in the 2000s.

Stockport today boasts a number of old stone homes, mixed with a number of new residences. At the 2006 census, Stockport had a population of 234.

There are a few unique attractions at Stockport. The Charles Todd Observatory, topped by a 7.5 metre dome, was built at Stockport in 1970. It is operated by the Astronomical Society of South Australia.

Glenhaven Park Camp Site, an adventure park is located off Ayliffe Bridge Road at Stockport. The campsite has a number of challenging and educational activities including rope courses and giant swings.

1. Stockport Caravan Park
2. Stockport Soldiers Memorial
3. Stockport Playground
4. Stockport Post Office
5. Glenhaven Park