Mixed Clare Valley Wine Packs

Score yourself a great deal with these wine packs!

Each of these packs can be ordered and shipped Australia-wide, please get in touch with the
Clare Valley Wine, Food and Tourism Centre on 08 8842 2131 for more information.

Mixed Rielsing Packs

Everyone knows the Clare Valley produces some of the world's best rieslings, so to celebrate the new vintage 2021 we've released THREE Mixed Riesling Packs each included a selection of wines in their respective categories.


2021 Watervale Rieslings $119

This selection of Rieslings from the Watervale region includes a wine each from; Tim Adams, Mitchells, Matriarch and Rogue, Jim Barry, Shut the Gate and Claymore Wines. 

Download the tasting notes here



2021 Regional Rieslings $119

This selection of rieslings are not specific to a sub-region or even a single vineyard, but all represent a good quality Clare Valley Riesling. This pack includes a wine each from; Knappstein, Skillogalee, Pikes, Kirrihill, Mr Mick and Greg Cooley Wines. 

Download the tasting notes here



2021 Sub-Regional Rieslings $119

Coming soon....



Trophy Packs

A few of the Trophy Winning Wines from the 2021 Langton's Clare Valley Wine Show. Coming soon...