The Terrace Garden, Blyth

The Terrace Garden, Blyth

The Terrace Garden is newly established Blyth, with plantings commencing in 2020.

In 2024 the garden holds around 1400 plants of approximately 700 species. While Eremophilas are the dominant species, many other Australian Genera are represented, including Eucalypts, Grevillea, Banksia, Myoporum, Thryptomene, Hakea, Alyogne, Correa, Melaleuca, Chamalaucium. Visitors are encouraged to take cuttings where plants are sufficiently mature, or visit Medika Gallery in Blyth to possibly purchase species of interest (Ian Roberts has grown & supplied all plants in the garden). Around 230 species have nameplates.

While the best time to visit for maximum flowering is Aug-Nov, some plants can be found in flower throughout the year.

This garden is something of a trial for waterwise plants as no reticulated water is available on site, and to see which plants hold a good longer-term shape for garden propagation.

The Garden is maintained by the local group "Friends of the Terrace", who meet most Monday mornings to weed or water, subject to weather.