Corumbeena Orchard

Corumbeena Orchard

We are a small family run orchard producing small quantities of fresh and processed products from our orchard, which consists of : Pistachio, Cherry, Jujube, Fig and Australian Desert Lime. Expected to be ready for limited sales in 2021 are : Oct - Nov with Mulberry [ black, white and red ]; Mar - May with Kei apple; April onwards with Tropical greenhouse fruits such as Red Papaya and dwarf Banana.

Further into the future we will have sales of : Carob, Pomegranate, Pecan, and White Sapote.

Products already made from our main produce include : ice creams, chocolates, roasted pistachio kernels and oil.

Prices are ex-farm gate and can include a free 1 hr tour.

Have a look through our owner-built mud brick home. Walk through our 37 acres of orchard and bush, with panoramic views from our hill top. See how close you can get to our kangaroos or wedge tailed eagles.

Although visiting times and days are flexible, please book a visit at least the day before.