Corumbeena Orchard

Corumbeena Orchard

Corumbeena Orchard is a 750 fruit and nut tree orchard on 37 acre property, 5 km NE of Clare. Producing small quantities of fresh and processed products from their orchard, which includes: Pistachio, Cherry, Jujube, Fig, Australian Desert Lime, Mulberry (black, white and red.)

This year, they are anticipating their first crop of Carob, Pomegranate and White Sapote.

Apart from fresh produce, they make the following from their crops : ice creams, lip balm, chocolates, roasted pistachio kernels and dukkha.

Prices are ex-farm gate and can include a free one hour tour.

Have a look through their owner-built mud brick home. Walk through the 37 acres of orchard and bush, with panoramic views from the hill top. See how close you can get to kangaroos or wedge-tailed eagles.

Although visiting times and days are flexible, please book a visit at least the day before.