Addicted to Fitness with Kerry

Addicted to Fitness with Kerry

I’m passionate about health & fitness, & I constantly strive to improve my knowledge.

I work closely with a range of allied health professionals, guiding clients through their programs to achieve their goals. Whether it’s an injury, looking to get back into fitness after a long break or just have a general fitness goal, I can help with every aspect.

Flexibility is the key to progress in all areas of fitness, & I always meet my clients where they are at whilst challenging them to achieve things they never thought possible.

Qualifications: Certificates 3 & 4 in Fitness (gym instructor & personal trainer), Precision Nutrition level 1 coach, Punchfit Instructor, Bootcamp & Outdoor Group Fitness Instructor: level 1 & Advanced, COTA Trainer, Sports trainer: level 1 & 2, Mobility & structural assessor, Powerband coach, Kettlebell coach: level 1 & 2, Bulgarian bag coach, Unconventional Mace bell Trainer, Trigger point therapist, Muscle Energy Technique Trainer, Masseuse and Women’s Health Coach 

Specialisation: Shoulder, ankle & knee rehabilitation, Mobility, strength & conditioning, Movement correction, Goal oriented training, Body weight training and Senior & youth training.