Quercus Skin Therapy

Quercus Skin Therapy

Ethical, natural skin care and customised healthy cosmetics produced in the Clare Valley in small batches from Australian ingredients.

Quercus products are created with love in small batches to care for our clients, one at a time. We will never put profit before people, animals or the planet. NEVER.

NO nasties, NO lies, NO hidden cruelty, just BEAUTIFULLY ethical, beneficial, natural skincare and cosmetics made for you.

  • We are passionately committed to being cruelty-free. Skincare and cosmetics should be kind to the skin, the planet, animals and also those of us who create them for you. No ingredient or final product is tested on animals..that’s what our friends & families are for!

  • We source ALL of our ingredients from within Australia...an exotic oil or berry may be the latest super active but who knows how ethically it’s sourced? We play our part in protecting the planet’s vital forests and support our local growers by sourcing our super active ingredients here..and we have the most incredibly effective actives right here.

  • We use organic ingredients wherever possible and always choose the purest, most natural option. Everything we put on our skin is absorbed into the bloodstream and travels throughout the body and this is why we choose our ingredients with the utmost care.

  • We NEVER use preformulated bases, so we can adjust a product to suit you or your allergies. Our mission is to help you be comfortable in your skin. 

  • Quercus is the botanical name for Oak. Oaks have been renowned throughout history for their beauty, strength and balance. Beauty, strength and balance… isn't that what we all want for our skin?

Book an appointment to have custom foundation made for you on the spot using Quercus' ingredients. Appointments are about 40 minutes, walk away with a pot of your own foundation and a brush for only $50. Quercus is at the Clare Valley Wine, Food and Tourism Centre on the third Saturday of most months or at Sassy Lass in Riverton anytime, bookings are essential.