Piambong Farm

Piambong Farm

Jon Cameron-Hill & Midge Wallace

At Piambong Farm, Sevenhill, we specialise in unique chemical-free products – both sweet and sour cherries, apples and pears, olives and wines. All are quality-driven, optimising natural fertility and microbial management to enhance flavours. We use bio-organic principles in our farming methods. We believe in working in a sustainable manner with the beautiful land over which we have custody.

Product range:

fresh fruit 

* sweet cherries (farm gate sales, Spring Gully Rd, Clare, just before Christmas)

* apples 

* pears

* plums

fruit condiments

* sour cherry relish 

* pickled sour cherries 

* sour cherry syrup 

* cherry and apple strap 


* Sangiovese

* Shiraz

* Cabernet Sauvignon 

olive products 

* olive oil 

* pickled olives