Nelshaby Capers

Nelshaby Capers

My wife and I first became interested in Capers after watching a Country Wide episode on Capers on ABC Television.

The native habitat of the plant being the arid and semi arid region of North Africa, with the produce being widely used in Meditteranean style cooking saw the plants being ideally suited to our area at the base of The Southern Flinders Rages in South Australia at Nelshaby, with high summer temperatures and mild winters.

Six years ago, we planted our first seedlings, and after a steep learning curve on how to treat the plants, we now have about 100 bushes reaching maturity, and 25 newly established plants.

As the plants mature, we remove any plants that do not produce well and replace them with new seedlings or the Eureka Caper, produced by Brian Noone from Adelaide.

The seedling plants give us a variety of plant types, some producing better buds than others, and some more suited to producing Berries.

This allows us to slowly tend to have plants that supply a range of products.

Our range of products are aimed at providing a Bud sized for your requirements, and the needs of different dishes.

They can be interchanged in recipes, so no one size is restricted to any special recipe.

The Buds are dry packed with a small amount of salt. They can be rinsed prior to use, but the salt has also absorbed some of the flavour, so it is easiest to just reduce any other salt inputs to the dish if you are watching your salt intake.

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