Working with Nature to sustain bountiful harvest. To Harness the energies of wind, water and sun and the biology of living plants and animals in co-operation and abundance. Creating an evolving permaculture farm.

Colin Edean, previously a Dentist for 25 years, now a Permaculturist for 20 years has a passion for connecting food & health, life & nature, farming & ecology. Gardening, growing trees and producing quality food nurtures body & spirit for both producers and consumers.

Anna Szava has trained as an architect and has lived in various continents & circumstances. Now indulging in the variety of lifestyles and commitments central and South Australia offer. From working in remote Aboriginal communities to enthusiastic engagement in the creative processes and everyday work of our permaculture farm. She is keen about creating food products that are uncompromising in their quality for taste and value for health.

The Farm

The farm has evolved from a bare sheep paddock on the edge of Burra Township. The healing of soils and support of natural systems has been enabled through 15 years of growing biodiversity of native trees and shrubs, nurturing remnant grassland ecologies and removing grazing pressures.

Healthy natural systems of soils, grasslands & forests enhance the activities of biological farming.

This evolution is guided by the philosophies and principles of permaculture, best described by David Holmgren and as practiced at The Food Forest in South Australia.

Productive trees and shrubs

Olives & Olive Oil are in full production and the farm is looking forward to the future development of their Pistachio, Olive, Carob and Capers for commercial yields. Whereas Pomegranate, feijoa, apple and more will provide for our household harvest.

Closed to the Public  - Products available through local outlets