Pangkarra Foods

Pangkarra Foods

The result is delicious pasta, made from 100% natural ingredients. Pangkarra pasta is high in fibre, low in fat, low GI, and is an excellent source of antioxidants and phytonutrients.

We believe in quality through every step of the supply chain, which starts at the farm and continues through to the finished product.

Our pasta presents differently to most other pastas. Here are some reasons why our pasta is uniquely different:

Colour: The colour is richer and closer to the natural golden tones of the grain. This comes from the use of the entire grain, the method of stone milling, and the procedure of low temperature processing.

Taste: Expert chefs have described our pasta as wholesome and grainy, with a pleasant mild nutty flavour.

Texture: There are differences on the surface of the pasta, which comes from using the entire grain and allowing the pasta, once formed, to dry naturally. Using wholegrains allows the grain to appear in the pasta, giving it a desirable texture. Taking the time to let the pasta dry naturally ensures it does not have a hard, glassy texture - which is often the case with some pasta. Despite these differences, stone milling still provides Pangkarra pasta with a smooth eating texture.

Cooking: Cooking Pangkarra pasta is an easy process. Once the pasta reaches al dente, it remains at a consistent texture for longer than most (it does not glug easily). Furthermore, the water returns to boil quickly after the pasta enters the pot- this is due to water mobility in the makeup of the pasta.

Accompaniments: The natural surface texture of Pangkarra pasta means it is able to naturally absorb sauces and accompaniments with ease.



Pangkarra Linguine is long, flat and about 2mm wide. The texture is grainy, yet smooth. It has a naturally fresh taste, which is best served with ripe tomatoes, basil and garlic.


Fettuccine is classic Italian pasta, which hails from Lazio. Pangkarra fettuccine are flat, straight ribbons about 5mm wide. Pangkarra fettuccine has a traditional nutty taste and even texture. It is best served with a creamy or oil based sauce.


Spaghetti is desirable pasta in any family household. This popular pasta takes its name from the word Spago, which means string. Pangkarra spaghetti is of excellent quality, and is long, cylindrical and thin. It is smooth to taste and is best served with any sauce, particularly garlic, cheese, meat or a seafood sauce.


Penne is one of the most popular and best known tubular pasta. Pangkarra penne is cylindrical and has been rendered into hollow tubes. The ends are cut at a diagonal angle like the quills from which they take their name. Our penne has a delightful texture which is slightly ridged, making it the perfect pasta to hold both sturdy and light sauces. It complements chicken, mushrooms, ragu, seafood or meat. It is also great pasta to use in pasta bakes and mornays.

Health benefits of Pangkarra pasta:

Pangkarra pasta is made from one ingredient- 100% durum wheat from our farm. In the manufacturing process, nothing is added, nor taken away, so the pasta is completely pure and natural.

One ingredient, many benefits….

Excellent source of fibre

Good source of thiamine (Vitamin B1)

Low in fat (approximately 97.4% fat free)

Low in sodium

Low GI

Excellent source of antioxidants & phytonutrients

No artificial additives

100% natural ingredients

Did you know…

One serve of Pangkarra pasta gives you more than your recommended daily requirement of wholegrains.

Experts say that eating wholegrain foods is an essential part of a weight control diet and can reduce the risk of heart disease, colon cancer and diabetes by 30%.

Pangkarra pasta is full of essential B vitamins necessary to convert carbohydrates into energy.