Little Brampton Wines

Little Brampton Wines

The site of the Little Brampton vineyard has been under almost continuous production since the 1860's, although some of the vines were removed during the 1980's in the ill-conceived vine pull scheme.

Replanted during the 90's, the premium varieties, riesling, cabernet sauvignon and shiraz thrive on the west facing slopes at the heart of the Clare Valley at an altitude of 520m above sea level.

The vines receive minimal supplementary irrigation, relying largely on the natural rainfall of the district. At this altitude a gradual ripening process results in fruit-driven wines with natural acidity.

Our plantings are on a 3 metre row spacing with 2 metres between the vines to achieve vine balance for the site enabling us to achieve a super premium quality with minimum intervention.

In an average year bud burst occurs in late September and flowering taking place in late November/early December during the idyllic early summer days.