Matriarch and Rogue


Matriarch & Rogue wines are crafted from selected vineyards in the Clare valley as a tribute to the 'Patrick Byrne' girls and the men they married.

Cellar Door - 279 Main North Road Clare
Ph: 0419 901 892


Opening Hours:

Open Friday , Saturday and Sunday 12pm - 6pm

Matriarch and Rogue

Further Information

Matriarch and Rogue is based on five sisters who are the third generation of a long family history that goes back to the birth place of Ireland. The sisters are known as The 'Patrick Byrne' girls. the wines are a tribute to the strong women in my family and the mischievous Rogues they married. 
Fruit is selected from individual vineyards in the Clare Valley that display purity and strength of flavour that is relevant to the personality of each matriarch. Each batch is treated with love and respect to enhance and nurture the characters of the wine.
With five amazing Matriarchs to pay homage too, its important to show the fruit the same respect these women gave and deserve.