Martindale Hall

Martindale Hall

Historical site

Martindale Hall is a treasured secret hidden away in South Australia's Clare Valley, one of the world's most beautiful wine-growing regions. Experience the grandeur and ambience of this authentic 19th century Georgian mansion. Built in 1879 for a 21 year old sheep farmer, Edmund Bowman Jnr, it was designed as a home for entertainment and sporting activities.

2 Manoora Road MINTARO SA 5415
Ph: 8843 9012


Further Information

This Georgian Style mansion was built in just two years with little expense spared by Edmund Bowman in 1879.

Today visitors can experience the wonderful ambience of this Heritage listed home on a self guided tour. Its original decor and furnishings include a grand billard table, splendid staircase with overhanging balcony and an Italian Renaissance inspired marble floor in the main entrance hall. Prolonged drought forced the sale of Martindale Hall to William Mortlock in 1891.

Don't miss the fascinating mementos displayed in the Smoking Room of John Mortlock's travels through Africa and Asia, including a 16th Century ceremonial Samurai suit, spears from New Guinea and Devil's masks from Sri Lanka and the many Australian Aboriginal spears and artifacts.

Entry costs is $15.00 per Adult an $8.00 per child.

Marindale Hall is ideal for your next function, Weddings, Birthday celebrations, High teas and conference facilities. 

Mintaro Village has many Bed and Breakfasts to accommodate you.


THE MARTINDALE YACHT: was build in 1932 for the Mortlock Family "The Martindale"  was a 56 Ton luxury yacht 66 Ft long with 14' 2' beam built in Port Adelaide at construction cost of 4,000 pounds, she was launched July 19th 1932.  Loaned to the Royal Australian Navy in 1941, she was used as a patrol boat (Auxiliary) for sea, air rescues in New Guinea waters until being returned to the Mortlocks in 1951.

FREDERICK RANSOM MORTLOCK:  Died falling overboard in Columba Bay in Ceylon on his way home back to Marindale Station.  The last know photograph taken of Frederick Ransom Mortlock was in Scotland in 1935.  Martindale Station and including the mansion was to be bequeathed to Ransom (as he was known), but after his death it was bequeathed to John (Jack) Mortlock.

MARTINDALE HALL: The original name of the Mansion was known as Martindale, until a journalist doing an article on the Mansion named it as Martindale Hall since then the name has remained.

FIRE PLACE:  The White Carra Marble Fire Place in the Drawing room at Martindale Hall took first prize at a Paris exhibition in 1873 and was purchased by the Bowman's for 75 pounds.

MARTINDALE HALL BILLIARD TABLE:  The billiard table in Martindale Hall was positioned in the Billiard Room first and then the North wall of the Billiard room was built, the table was imported from England and weighs about 1.5 tonnes.  Contrary to belief it is not made with Mintaro Slate but slate from England.

VALENTINE MORTLOCK:  Valentine was born on Valentine's day in 1898 he died at age 8 in 1906.  The ghost of Valentine has been seen several times over the years by Staff and Visitors to Martindale Hall. The last sighting being in 2011 when he was playing in his room with a 3 year old child visitor, who didn't want to leave the room as he was playing with a little girl (Valentine is always mistaken to be a girl due to his long locks of curls, the fashion of the times).  The young 3 year old visitor told his mother that she looked like an angel.   Guests have awoke in the night convinced there was a young child in their bed.  A visitor had also mentioned to staff in a local Cafe that they saw a ghost at the Hall that was child like passing her on the stair case. WHO KNOWS!