Watervale Hotel


The newly re-opened Watervale Hotel is both proud and excited to represent the Clare Valley by showcasing local food, wine and produce. With warm fires, cold beverages and an ever changing menu, you won’t want to leave.

37 Main North Road, Watervale
Ph: (08) 8843 0229


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Further Information

The Watervale Hotel will go through three distinct stages of development over the next two years. These development phases will drive the shape, style and scope of the menu on offer.

In the first stage we are offering wonderful Bar Meal sharing plates designed to enjoy in the Front Bar, on the veranda out the front of the hotel, in two new private dining rooms, and in the Hotel dining room.

The veranda bench caters for up to 24 patrons on unreserved stools to eat and drink outside whilst looking over the valley.

The green room can be booked for six guests and the violet room for up to ten. Bookings can also be made in the dining room.

As the second stage we will significantly re-develop the outside area behind the Hotel into a large beer and wine garden with an all new glass fronted large kitchen and cool rooms with kitchen bench stools that can be utilized for cooking classes during slower periods. We will expand the menu at this stage to include outstanding Pub cuisine with a wide range of offerings including asado roasts.

The final stage of development will see refurbishment of the Pub restaurant, and a walk in wine cellar / bottle shop adjacent to the dining room as part of the inside experience. At this point the offering will be expanded and standard raised again with restaurant meals.

In the fullness of time the Hotel will incorporate the property at 6 Quelltaler Road, not just as a carpark, kitchen garden, orchid and staff accommodation; but as a Provedore, retail shop front for Penobscot Farm, coffee shop with its own roaster, Sunday produce market, licenced picnic ground, fine wine bottle shop, and ‘clubhouse’ for the Watervale Wine Club.