Corumbeena Orchard


Lot 1 Blockers Road Clare SA 5453
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We purchased our 37 acre grazing paddock, 5 km NE of Clare in 1992. Since then we have put in 1000s of native plants, and built a mud brick house. Our orchard consists of cherry, pistachio, olive, jujube, Australian desert limes and a few other nuts and fruits are being developed. I manage the property and my wife makes some money with a real job.

Our trees are grown using sustainable production methods, for example, irrigation water is only collected from our property and used on the cherries; no sprays are used on the trees; grape marc from the Knappsteins winery is used exclusively as a mulch. All orchard processes are carried out entirely on the property. These include pistachio hull removal and raw kernel extraction in machines that I built; sun drying; roasting and smoking; oil pressing.

The majority of our produce is sold through farmer’s markets such as Saddleworth [1st Sunday]; Clare [2nd Sunday]; Wirrabara [3rd Sunday] and Sevenhill [last Sunday]. We supply limited produce to retail outlets such as the CVWFT Centre, Auburn IGA and Sugarrush [chocolates], local restaurants such as the Clare Country Club, local caterers, and a few Adelaide and interstate outlets.

Products available :

Pistachio : roasted inshell nuts; raw and roasted kernels; roasted oil; pistachio and honey icecream; dukkah; a small range of chocolates.
Cherry : fresh [Nov to Dec]; jam, spicy cherry sauce.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     J

Jujube : fresh [Feb to May]; jam, spicy cherry sauce.

Australian Desert Limes : Fresh [early Summer].













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